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Thank you for coming here. This is the official ‘hang-out’ of
For the Dutch version, go to: Droomstaat — Autolyse. contains the following websites:

The site has been set up to give general information about autolysis. The starting point is that the natural state of every character on earth — what I experience as a Dreamstate — has the right to awaken from that Dreamstate, when that character of course wants it.

This is not always easy and the character ‘Frits’ has accepted the challenge to try and support and help other characters. For this he has set up the website This is basically a self-help course, but in case you get stuck when doing your Autolysis or Self-Inquiry and you want additional help or answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to make contact via CONTACT.

Who is “Frits”?

‘Frits’ is Frits Spoelstra and that is my name. I have set up the website AUTOLYSE.NL to help people who are doing their Autolysis, with which you investigate and establish what is true by looking at what is not true, and Self-inquiry, with which you determine what you are in the renewed situation that originated after doing Autolysis.

My search for ‘truth’ started around 1985, when the idea popped in my head that the ‘official’ story that was told and taught was not true. It was not necessarily a knowing that it is not true, but rather what is called a ‘splinter in the mind’, where you ‘feel’ that something is wrong, but you do not know what that is. Many people shake off that ‘feeling’ and pretend that the ‘splinter’ is not there, but I did not let it go.

I started my research with the history of the Knights Templars and secret societies such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians. From there, it led me through politics and human society, only to lead me to spirituality through Gnosticism and even Ufology. I then immersed myself in all kinds of spiritual practices, such as Buddhism, Zen, Advaita, Non-dualism, A Course in Miracles and Spiritual Autolysis.

After thirty years of research and Self-inquiry, I realized that I was looking for enlightenment and truth for myself as myself. Eventually it became clear to me that this was not possible. I realized that what I really am is exactly what I believed I was looking for. In other words, I am not what is looking for what I am. This immediately led to the insight that I am not this body and not this spirit; not this ‘Frits character’. The thinking is not my thinking, the feelings are not my feelings and the actions are not my actions.

Frits Spoelstra.
March 2019.